Village of Thornville

Perry County, Ohio, USA

Pool Rules and Regulations

  1. The swimmer must produce proof of membership or purchase a daily ticket before entering the pool grounds.
  2. A person in street clothes will not be permitted in the pool area without the manager’s permission.
  3. No:
    1. Glass products;
    2. Running, pushing, or dangerous play;
    3. Chewing gum;
    4. Alcoholic beverages;
    5. Small balls;
    6. Cut-offs in the swimming pool;
    7. Tampering with any mechanism in connection with operation of the pool;
    8. Play equipment or other swimmers in the diving board area;
    9. Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose, or otherwise polluting the water;
    10. Pyramids or standing on shoulders;
    11. Sitting in or diving or from a lifeguard stand (if a swimmer);
    12. Open sores, breaks between toes (severe athletes feet), or any large scab over a sore or wound; and
    13. Rollers, bobby pins, combs, etc… in one’s hair.
  4. Children under six years of age and all non-swimmers are not allowed in the pool unless accompanied by a parent or responsible person who is over the age of 16.  Unaccompanied children will NOT be permitted to use the pool.
  5. Beginners or small children may not enter the pool unless a parent or responsible adult is there to look after him/her.
  6. Children in the baby pool must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult who is there to look after him/her.
  7. Play equipment is subject to the approval of the manager.  Inflatable only.
  8. Diving boards:
    1. Only one person is allowed on the board at a time.
    2. Dive or jump from the front of the board.
    3. Swim directly t to the ladder or ropes.
    4. There will be ONLY standing dives from the side of the pool.
  9. Life guards on duty, under the direction of the pool manager, are in complete charge of the pool.  Their directions must be followed AT ALL TIMES.  There is to be NO conversation with the life guards while they are on duty unless absolutely necessary.
  10. Any person who, for disciplinary reasons, is asked to leave the pool 3 times will forfeit their membership for the remainder of the season.  There will be NO refund when a person forfeits their membership. -Patrons are asked to report incidents of ungentlemanly or undesirable conduct to the manager
  11. Reasons for ejections:
    1. For stealing – parents will be notified,
    2. For using profane language, and
    3. For conducting a morally offensive act.
  12. Swimming lessons and private swimming parties may be arranged with the pool manager.
  13. Management has the final approval on the appropriateness of swim suits and equipment worn or used by swimmers and sun-bathers.
  14. Smoking, eating, drinking are permitted only in the designated area.  Waste material is to be deposited in rubbish containers.
  15. Non-members who leave the premises must pay to re-enter.